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WVU Tech Dining Services is proud to offer top-notch catering to members of the WVU Tech community and its guests.

We recognize the importance of quality and presentation and will do everything possible to make your event a success. As you schedule and plan your event, rest assured that we will be there every step of the way.

The policies and procedures outlined below will help ensure a successful event by affording us adequate time to properly prepare.

Placing Your Order

To place an order for your event or to speak with a sales representative concerning our custom menu service, available venues, set-up, etc. please contact us at 304.929.1226. You can initiate your catering request with our online form.

Minimum Notice/Discounts/Charges

Adhering to the following guidelines will help ensure the availability of your desired menu.

  1. One week prior to event: provide notice for small meetings, receptions or refreshment breaks.
  2. Two/three weeks prior to event: provide notice for events requiring menu selection such as luncheons and dinners.
  3. One month prior to event: provide notice for unusually large events, those requiring custom menu planning or those events requiring complex details. Orders placed more than one month prior to the event will receive a ten-percent discount from published prices.

Note: Due to market fluctuations, we reserve the right to change prices at our discretion.


An estimated number of guests must be provided at the time of your booking. The final guest count (guarantee) must be submitted at least 72 business hours prior to the event. If attendance is equal to or less than the guarantee, you will be billed for the guarantee. If attendance exceeds the guarantee, you will be billed for the actual attendance. If no guarantee is submitted, the original estimate becomes the guarantee.

Note: Event prices are based on our required minimum of 25 guests. If you wish to book a smaller event, additional costs may be incurred. WVU Tech Catering guarantees sufficient quantities of food and table settings to accommodate the guarantee plus five percent or a maximum of ten above the guarantee, whichever is less.

Event Cancellations

Event cancellations must be received in writing or by e-mail at least 72 business hours prior to the event. If you cancel after this deadline has passed, you will be billed for your guaranteed number of guests.


Detailed alcohol procedures are available from the Director of Dining Services. These procedures apply to all members of the WVU Tech community, including guests and visitors.

Catering Menu Options

Contact us at 304.929.1226 and let us create the perfect menu for your event.